Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Other Self

Karen at This Old House posted a challenge the other day to do a post on "My Other Self".
How fun to dream of what *my other self* life would be like. 

 : :

would live up in Maine along the seashore

with a porch like this to watch the sunsets

or to take dreamy naps with the sound of the waves breaking nearby.

My other self would have a writing desk with a view of lush green trees and blue sky

 and she would have so many creative ideas

that each one of her books would end up
 on this list.

My other self would have a large red barn in her back yard

filled with these guys who may have trouble finding homes.

My other self would dress like this

and pull on these 

when cruising down the beach in her wagon.

My other self would have a bike cruiser for afternoon spins

to scour the beach for sea glass caught shimmering by afternoon sun

or to slip away to her other home gently rocking nearby.

My other self would eat these as often as she wanted

as well as pasta every night for dinner

and would still look like this.

My other self would end each evening on her dock
with The Professor
celebrating another day!

Gotta run.  Need to meet up with this Other Self.
She's having way too much fun without me!

Happy Weekend!

: :