Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I still count

Do you ever feel invisible?
 At times it happens to all of us.

We just want to shout out

I'm still here!

So I wrote this little verse below.
I feel better now!

 i still count

sometimes it's necessary to stand out
to be different
to shout

damn it!
i count!

i’m here
do you

what i’m
truly meant to

i may be old
i may be gray
but baby oh baby
i’m here to stay

one more day
one more year
one more ride

and only one

that keeps me movin’
and rockin’ and

I may be shakey
I may be breaky

but baby oh baby
there’s no maybe

i’m still here
rockin’ and
a grovin

so give a cheer out
when you see
me about

i may be old
but I still

: : :

linking with Lisa at The Creative Exchange