Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Salema, Portugal - Loved this little town

Every year, The Professor has some meeting in Europe.  Some professorial research conference thingy.

And I get to go along!

While he attends meetings, I sleep late.  Find little coffee shops to catch up on email. 

Wander around taking photos.

This year, his conference is again in Portugal.  We were there several years ago. 

It was beautiful.

Obidos, Portugal

The countryside was speckled with little cobblestone villages and white-washed buildings. 

I loved how the windows were filled with geraniums.

Obidos, Portugal

Being not one for crowds though, I always seek the coastline out wherever and whenever we travel.  

I can never get enough of the sea .. its power and beauty.

Sagres, Portugal

So next week at this time, I will be in Porto ... looking for a little coffee shop with internet so I can keep up with all of you!

Now isn't that a hoot?  I love technology!

How about you?

Now, I need to go Amazon shopping ...  I need a new pair of sandals for the trip!

Until tomorrow ....

: : :