Sunday, June 19, 2011

My men ...

A few summers ago, we did a family holiday up along Lake Michigan.  
It was a great time with kids and grandkids.  I captured the photo below of my 
son and grandson as they stood looking out at the lake.  
I love this photo ... 
something peaceful yet longing about them standing there.  
So to my son, the father of four boys ... 
Happy Father's Day ... 
you make me proud every day.

And then to the other man in my life ... The Professor.  
The photo below was taken when we celebrated his 60th birthday in Anna Maria.  
Beach at sunset ... one of his favorite places in the world.  
And to make it even better, tossing a football with one of his sons.  
He loves his boys, who bring an incredible amount of joy into his life.  
The same kind of joy he brings into my life.  
Happy Father's Day, love.

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