Monday, July 25, 2011

Does he dream

he is part of the city

cascading fields of brick and stone
stable his days 
and nights

enveloped in
a cacophony of horns, beeps
and sirens

i wonder

does he remember
his coltish days
in green pastures

filled with
unbridled grazing
of sweet
honeysuckle and clover

meadow memories

of endless blue skies
and afternoon winds
lifting birds
ever skyward
as they
cry out

i wonder

does he remember
does he dream

      : : :

Sidenote:  This is one of the many carriage horses in downtown Philly.  I'm always drawn to them.  This past Friday as I was escorting my grandboys around Independence Hall, I was approached by a radio station to comment on the horses in the extreme heat.  I was glad someone was concerned for them.  There happened to be only 2 still out on the streets at noon but the temps had reached 100 degrees F.  

Personally,  I don't like carriage horses used on city streets let alone in this heat.
There always seems to be a sadness in their eyes.

I'd like to set them all free.

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