Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Feathered and flogged

When I arrived home the other day, I was not entirely greeted with open arms from my backyard feathered friends.

Bobbie Bluejay:  We all know about your little adventure down in Florida.  All that blah blah blogging.  Being all ga ga over those Florida birds.  You know .....  us Pennsylvania birds are pretty special too.

Catbird Cate:  That's right ... we have some special talents, you know.  Can any of them mew like a cat?

Ronnie Red-bellied Woodpecker:  Or any of them have a Don Trump flowing red mane like mine?

Fred Finch:  Forget his flowing mane ... look at my brilliance!  Can those Florida birds match my cheerfulness?  They all look mean and grumpy to me.

Pope Cardinal Jr:  Finch, you got nothin' on me ...  in a few months, my cheery redness is going to blow you out of the birdcage!

Tommy Titmouse:   And how about feet?  Got any Florida goofballs who can top these blue-grey lovelies?

Deary Dove:  Or even my pink-red tootsies?

Freddie Finch:  They all got nothing on me ... look at my sunshine brilliance.  Even in that Florida sunshine, betcha you didn't see anything like this on those Florida birds!

Harriet Hairy Woodpecker:   Also, do your Florida birds make sure your trees are bug safe?  I don't tthhiinnkkkkkkk so ... all they do is eat fish all day long.

Conner Crow:  I'd challenge any of those Florida beach birds to an intelligence test ... I'd beat 'em every time!

Stanley Starling:  And look at this ... look ... is that not the most gorgeous wing you've ever seen?

Young Stella Starling:  Oh, quit showing off!

Hilly Hummingbird:  I guess I'm just really disappointed that you seem to prefer those boring beach birds to all of us  .....

Hilly Hummingbird:  .... I mean .... I came and sat in your hand!  In your hand!  Doesn't that count for anything?   Did any of those Florida yahoos do that?

Carmen Chipmunk:  Oh, House Lady ....  I think you have a lot of making up to do!

Moral of the Story:  Be careful what you blog about, you never know who reads it.