Friday, August 12, 2011

Sweet justice

I couldn't let the weekend unfold without giving an update on the latest development. 

Apparently the squirrels overheard all the bird ruckus the other day about my blog and with a little bit of evesdropping, discovered that they had a small following.  

The squirrels have been absent a day or so.   I suspect they are off organizing a union to demand more pay for performance.  Pay in the form of food, that is.  ~sigh~  Their moods can be as volatile as the stock market!

In the meantime, Carmen Chipmunk, was out and about enjoying the sunny afternoon.

Me:  Hi Chipmunk .... how's your day going?

Carmen Chipmunk:  Oh, hello House Lady.  My day?  Fine, just fine.   Enjoying a few scraps of food here under the bird feeders.

Me:  Chipmunk, you know, I haven't seen those squirrels all day.  There's still some corn left over yonder.  Considering how they wouldn't share with you the other day, I think you should dig in!

Carmen Chipmunk:  Really?  You haven't seen them all day?  Where are they?

Me:  Not sure ... but it can't be good.

Carmen Chipmunk:  Well if you're sure they aren't around ....

Carmen Chipmunk:  ..... maybe I'll just mosey over yonder .....

Carmen Chipmunk:  .... and check things out .... can't hurt....

Carmen Chipmunk:  Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness ....

Carmen Chipmunk:  I love love love love love corn

Carmen Chipmunk:  I'm gathering as much and as fast as I can House Lady before those squirrels come back!

Me:  Oh my chipmunk ....  please don't choke!!!

Although chipmunk mumbled something I couldn't understand as she scurried away .... I'm thinking it was something like a 'thank you'.

Hope your weekend is as joyous as chipmunk's were those few minutes on the corn cob chair!