Monday, August 8, 2011

What I did on my summer vacation

I ate a lot!

At breakfast places like Ginny's and Jane's Bakery where they have the
best apricot scone ever!
~I might have had a few~

 Or lunch places like Star Fish Co. with outdoor picnic tables hovering
over a working dock and serving
the best shrimp EVER!

And then there were dinners at the Sign of the Mermaid for a little French food!
Or at Waterfront Restaurant with their baked brie drizzled
with honey & toasted almonds and granny smith apples on the side.
~I had the baked brie THREE times ... but not in the same day~
I was thankful for my elastic wasted running shorts.

I Hunted!

 Not the kind of hunting you might be thinking. 
Got on my bike and hunted for .....

Because where there is a porta-potty, there is construction.
And I love construction.  
Have I told you about my construction envy? 
Ever since we did an extensive remodel of our home 6 years ago.
I know ...  I'm sick.

So on our bikes around Anna Maria,  I track down the BIG....

and the small ....

 and the in-between houses in their stages of construction.

  Sometimes ... just sometimes .... somebody forgets to lock a door ....
~ shhhhhhhhhh ~

 and we take a peek inside!  
The Professor gets a bit nervous with my breaking and entering.
He's always eager to depart.
~In case this was your home, be assured, we only took ideas~

And after all that breaking and entering, The Professor needs to get a beer.
Which is always a good time to make new friends.
~I especially like the dog kind of new friends~
By the way, in case you're wondering, this is not The Professor

I Beached It!

Not really ... we never go to the beach during the day....

 Cause I'm too busy porta-potty hunting ....

 But when my bike nears the beach ....

I have to snap a few pictures of all that color....

and people doing serious work like this Turtle Watch guy rescuing a hurt bird ....

 and not so serious people posing for something

or rather for someone .... ooh la la!!
~The Professor was disappointed that I would not share my zoom lens~

My type of beaching it
is at sunset and taking photos of couples 
as they enjoy an evening stroll

or cursing under my breath others who scare away all the birds
of which I'm trying to take photos.
~It was ALMOST a bird free blog .... ~smile~

 Yep, my type of beaching it was to end every day with the gulf water lapping 
at my feet, a glass of wine and this view!

So ...  that was what I did on my summer vacation.  
Every day!

Tomorrow, I will return to our regular scheduled programming
of beach birds.

Thank you for your patience.