Monday, October 3, 2011

Rumor has it ...

Mr. Titmouse:  Hey, House Lady ...  I just stopped in to get a little sunflower seed.

Me:  No problem, help yourself.

Mr. Titmouse:  The supply is getting mighty low here.  By the way, rumor has it that you're leaving town again and if that's the case, are you going to fill this thing up before you leave?

Me:  You are as bad as the squirrels worrying about the food.  Let me remind you that there will be someone here watching over you and making sure your food does not run out.  All will be fine!

Mr. Titmouse:  Great to hear that!  Gotta run now and spread the news!  Those chickadees were driving me crazy with their concerns on how they were going to get fed.

Me:  I know ... they are a worrisome group, aren't they.  By the way (as I shout after Mr. Titmouse) it wouldn't hurt to say "Thank You" once in a while!  ~sigh ~