Monday, November 7, 2011

Amsterdam .... that's a Wrap!

Well, we arrived home from Amsterdam yesterday (Sunday) and thought we would never get through customs.  No ... not because we were bringing any "illegal" substances back with us (shame on you for thinking such a thing ~smile~)  but that there must have been over 1,000 folks in the custom's line!  (The Professor did an approximate calculation of the number of folks in each line and then the number of lines.  Did I mention he loves numbers?)

We've never encountered such a back-up in any customs like this!  Apparently, several international USAir flights came in at the same time instead of staggered arrivals, as would be normal.  But, nothing one can do but go with the flow.  And we did.

The Professor had Saturday free and we decided to bike to a different location this trip.  And speaking of bikes, I can never get enough of spotting the variety of bikes that exist in Amsterdam. 

Most are just plain like the bike above.

Some have colorful carriers on the back.

And a few are decorated to the max!
I just love photographing them.

But back to our biking story.  Usually we love to bike south of Amsterdam down the Amstel to a town called Ouderkerk.  It's a lovely 7 mile one way journey down one side of the Amstel and then returning on the opposite side.  I've included a few shots from our past spring trip below.

But on this visit, some friends had advised us that there was another beautiful bike ride north of the city that took us to an island.

Well, being a girl who LOVES islands, we had to go explore.  It was about a 15 mile bike ride ...

~ ONE WAY ~  

I was so going to enjoy that beer when we were done!

Here are a few views from our ride.

 Yep, that's me!

Well, that's it for Amsterdam.

Thank you for dropping by while we were away.  
I've missed all of you and can't wait to catch up on 
what you all have been up to.

Happy Monday!