Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Flight of the pelican

I'm having a fixation on the pelicans while here and keep trying to capture them 
either in flight, take-offs or landings.  

This guy was in fine take-off form.
After 4-5-6 wing flaps, he's up up and up!

They seem like 747's.  Huge and heavy ... yet weightless once airborne.
The views they must have.
~ sigh ~

Now on to more serious matters.  See this photo below.  
A nice shot of the beach from this morning's walk.

When I got home and downloaded it and sharpened it up
this is what I got.

What the heck are those spots in the sky.
I've noticed it on other photos which I've edited out, but this one is bad.

At one time I thought it was on my lens so I cleaned them.
But I'm still getting these spots.


Has anyone had a similar thing happen?
I'd be interested in your feedback.

Other than that, I'm having a swell time in this warm weather
and stalking pelicans.

Later friends,