Friday, February 24, 2012

He's my fave

I have no idea what's up with mother nature but the birds today at my feeders have been crazy!  Dozens and dozens of finches, juncos, hairy woodpeckers, sparrows and doves fighting at the feeders and the seed below.  So weird!  And it's a dark, drizzly day as well.

They've totally emptied my sunflower feeder today!

I love them all but my favorite visitor is the Red-bellied Woodpecker.  His colors are delightful with his checkerboard-like feathers and his soft white underbelly.
And he reminds me of Donald Trump with that red doo on top!

Unlike Donald, I find my red-bellied woodpecker quite
charming and striking in his attire.

I'm never sure if it is the same one all the time.  
But he's one handsome fella.

Yesterday, the one featured below 
hung around a bit and at first I didn't notice the difference until I downloaded the photos.  
It was the female!  
I had not seen her before.  Only the male.

She never approached the feeder like the male does.
What's up with that??
Surely she would have wanted to 
but she just clung to the tree
for at least 15 minutes.

The male, on the other hand, is certainly not shy about feeding.
  In fact, he's down right finicky in what he chooses to feed on.

He seems to like the big pieces of fruit.
 Sunflower seeds?  
He just tosses them out!  
At least the squirrels and doves have a feast below!

But nothing seems to please him more than when he comes upon a big almond!
Guess he's on the Almond Diet.

I bet his LDL numbers are outstanding!

And speaking of outstanding, hope you have a weekend filled with

By the way, what is your favorite bird at your feeders?
Curious me wants to know. 

And why oh why do they call this guy 'red-bellied' woodpecker?
Why not 'red-headed'?????

Later my friends,