Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Sheep

the sheep

the rolling winds of summer
 alert you to my
as I step off the worn path
stumbling my way through
unfamiliar pastures

an intruder 
I am 

i take my place amongst you
under the rumbling black clouds
that move across a landscape
of valleys and mountains

i sit


to the sea's continuous performance

the same melody
since time began

and after awhile
i have forgotten what led me
to this place

love, anger, heartache, regret
it no longer matters
my heart
is now 


i rise

departing not on the path
from which I came
but one


gales approaching
return to your grazing

: : :

This photo was taken somewhere along the Ring of Kerry in Ireland in 2010.

"You cannot travel the path until you become the path itself."

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