Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming ......

Warning:  I never get into social issues here on my blog.  But today, I just had to.  So I apologize beforehand for those of you who come to get away from all that.  

Sandra Fluke.

Do you recognize that name?  Perhaps you may.  She has been on the news for over the past week.  How about Rush Limbaugh.  Now I have your attention.  Georgetown Law School.  Is the puzzle coming together?
Social and news medias have been having a heyday with this controversy.
And I am weary of the argument.

This all began from a hearing on infringement of religious liberty and contraceptive mandates.  Being non-Catholic nor religious nor in need of birth control at my age, I paid little attention.  But when I did use birth control, back in my day, it wasn’t covered by insurance.  I paid for it.  Out of my own pocket.  Didn’t occur to me that the government should do so.

But an editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal “Limbaugh and Our Phony Contraception Debate by Cathy Clever Ruse, (a senior fellow for legal studies at the Family Research Council, J.D. From Georgetown Law in 1989), got me thinking.

I know. I know.  A very controversial issue.  

I’m not one to push my own beliefs.  And I totally respect others beliefs that may differ from my own.  As long as they are not forced upon me.  But like I said, I am weary of all the media hype, how Sandra Fluke is a "victim" and how the real issue has gotten lost with Limbaugh’s comments.  

Disgusting as he is.

If the subject interests you, take the time to read Ms. Ruse's story here.

If not, hope you enjoy the photo.  It was taken at Owl's Head Lighthouse up in Maine.

Later my friends,