Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The indignity

As many of you know,  this guy (Cooper's Hawk) comes around sporadically looking for a meal.  Lately though,  I haven't noticed him being very successful.  Mostly, he's just been coming in and watching.  But the other day, he did this!

He ate a worm!

Like a common Robin!

A smorgasboard of delicacies surround you and you eat a worm!!

I know.  None of my business.  But really, Mr. Cooper!
Not classy.  Not classy at all!

: : :
Remember my shot the other day (here) of the multiple exposure of the pelicans?  Well, jennyfreckles over at Saltaire Daily had the answer.  Apparently my Nikon D7000 has a function for multiple exposures ... up to 3 photos!  Who knew?  Not me.  Duh!  More interesting fact is that how did it do that when I didn't set the setting.   Guess we'll never know but at least there is the opportunity to do this again!

Yippie ki-yah!

Great comments yesterday my friends.  I loved hearing all your thoughts!

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