Sunday, May 6, 2012

1961 ... and I don't mean the year

 It seems there is an endless amount of photos one can capture when in a beautiful place like 
Anna Maria.
Many mornings, we have breakfast out on this pier.
Saturday morning, a couple of dolphins with their
baby were swimming nearby.
No photos though.

 But that's okay.
I have more than enough photos to share with you.
Like 1,961.
That's how many I took while hanging out on the island.

I should join PhotoAddicts Annonymous!
Do you think there is such a thing????

 It's just that it is so easy to take so many shots
when there is so much
 beauty around.

Like this Snowy Egret.

Which I sometimes confuse with the
Great White Egret 
or is it the
Great White Heron?

Apparently they are the same.
The great white egret is part of the heron family.

No matter what family they are part of,
they are beautiful and plentiful here.

As are ...

the Pelicans!

they may not be beautiful to some ...

 but I'm one of their
adoring fans!

But you already knew that.

I must also give tribute to
some of the smaller beach

who delight me with their 
evening feedings on the shore
like the little sandpiper above

or the shy willets

Oh, yes, I could go on ... 
I have 1,961 photos!


But hey, how about that moon last night!
Absolutely gorgeous!
I took this hand held shot Friday night.

 Wish I would have had my tri-pod.
But no matter.
There will be others!

It's nice to be back home and see all the critters in the back yard.
A cooper's hawk has been hanging out
hoping for a meal.
I really wish he would hunt somewhere else!

Until tomorrow, my friends,


TexWisGirl said...

well, i won't mind if you bring out another 1950 shots or so... :)

Sylvia K said...

I feel the same way TWG does! These are absolutely gorgeous! The pelicans and egrets are my favorite, but they are all awesome! And what a moon!! It was cloudy here, but maybe tonight??? Hope you have a lovely day and a wonderful week ahead, Reena! Enjoy!
Oh -- and if you find out about the PhotAddicts Annonymous - please let me know!!!


She Who Carries Camera said...

Go ahead and keep on shooting! They're all fabulous!'re going to have to tell me how to do a moon shot like that and handheld, no less! Pleeease tell! What were your settings and how dark was the sky? Was it full blown night or dusk?

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love your photo of the moon! I got a few last night but not as spectacular as yours! Love the birds, too! They would be great enlarged, printed and framed! Enjoy your week!

E.lizabeth said...

i love their feet. love the yellow feet. i never knew a bird would have yellow feet. so cool & so different. you always have the greatest views. thank you for sharing with me. i've always loved birds but through your eyes & camera i really get to see them up close & person. thank you!! (:

eileeninmd said...

HI Reena, wonderful photos. It is always a treat to visit your blog and see your photos, so keep them coming all 1900 hundred of them. Awesome moon shot!

Brian Miller said...

love the bird shots but that pier shot just takes away my beautiful....

mick said...

Who wouldn't go a bit crazy with the camera with so many beautiful things to photograph. Your photos are great, of course, and the details of the birds are especially good.

Country Girl said...

Welcome home, Reena ~
Nice moon, especially for hand held! And what? Only 1961 photos? Now why don't I think there's anything wrong with that?

Michaele said...

I love the feet and leg shots. You are so dang good at this! What fun it must have been. Do show more!

Carolyn Watson-Dubisch said...

Such amazing photos! It's like we're there with you. :)

Eat To Live said...

That Moon is absolutely perfect. I can't believe you got such a great picture of it. The birds are great too!

Kathy said...

Amazing as usual. I've run out of adjectives to praise your work! Maybe I'll just start awarding stars.
Like Photo 1: *****
Photo 2: *****
Photo 6: ***** + *
Photo 8: *****

How's that? Oh, BTW, all the others were 4.9!

Brenda Pruitt said...

I take a lot of photos. But you've got me beat. Of course you have better scenery!

beth said...

all of those birds are exquisite !

i love the yellow feet of that heron and the first foot shot with the trailing bird poop cracked me up !

Lois Evensen said...

Reena, your images are always so terrific! Thanks for sharing them.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Exquisite bird shots, I just love the feet. And that is a great moon shot!!!! Looks like the Super Moon to me!!!! I'm sorry to see you leave...

gina said...

Super bird and water shots, Reena! 1961 -- where do you store all these photos? Nice moon capture too!

Pat said...

More, more! I love your Anna Maria shots!

Bob Bushell said...

Lovely shots Reena, the Herons, Pelicans and everything else, beautiful.

Ivanhoe said...

The Egret is so beautiful! And your moon came out super great. Mine was not that big here. And I had a tripod which did not help at all. Maybe next time :)

Daniela said...

Don't stop being a PhotoAddict!
You make me dream a little while sitting in my office on a beautiful sunny and windy (sigh) morning in Milan....

Wayne said...

Simply beautiful, such a great range of subjects.

Go ahead, rub it in. I won't tell you how few I've taken in the last few weeks, it wouldn't amount to 61!

Steve Gravano said...

Great collection of birds. I love the yellow feet on the egret.

islandwonder said...

I love the egret's tail feathers. I can never get a good shot of the moon. Nice job.

Daryl said...

moon? was there a moon?

I dont think 1961 photos are a lot .. you were there over a week .. I shoot 60-70 shots walking in the park .. xo

rainfield61 said...

One per post, then the pictures can last you for 1961 days.

Unknown said...

Great Post I love them all.
Thanks for sharing.

Kathryn Dyche said...

I won't even tell you how many shots I took after a week in North Carolina this year . . . I get trigger happy but then when it comes to sorting through them I can't help but groan. I love the white egret/heron images, so very beautiful and like you I'm always a fan of the pelicans. Always such beautiful captures.

LadyFi said...

Oh wow - I do totally understand this photo addiction.

Your shots are pure magic!

GailO said...

That's what these digital days are all about! Shoot as much as you want! I don't miss the film days at all:) Just wondering how you organize all your pics though...I am having trouble with storage these days. Need a new computer!

Love every single one of your Anna Maria shots!

My Mind's Eye said...

Gorgeous shots and oh I do love the yellow feet and beak.

We did not see the moon here Saturday we had 2.5" of rain fall in about a 4 hour period on Sat. night.

Your shot is amazing.
Hugs Madi and Mom

Ann said...

gorgeous shots. With all that around you I can see why you took so many pictures. I would have had a hard time leaving that place

Margie said...

These are out of this world great Reena!

Unknown said...

Now thats alot of photo.. I took over 400 in San Francisco this weekend and my hubby couldn't believe.. Little does he know I'm an armature.. Hee Hee!!

Your photos are amazing..


Gail Dixon said...

Outstanding bird shots! You really nailed the focus on the snowy and loving the plumage display on the great white!

Shane Kent Louis said...

The bird photos are all detailed! So fabulous captures.

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Shane Kent Louis said...
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Gillian Olson said...

I take a lot of pictures but you have me beat hands down. Beautiful pictures that Snowy Egret with the fancy yellow "shoes" is really something.

Stewart M said...

What a splendid set of picture - I like the feet!

It was cloudy for our 'super moon' - as you say, there is always next time.

Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

Mary said...

I can relate to taking way too many photos -- snapped over 100 last night just of the feeder birds. Oy!

These are marvelous, Reena.

CherryPie said...

That is an awful lot of photos!!

I love your photo of the moon, it was too cloudy to see here.

Rohrerbot said...

Love the feet here on the pier!!! Very interesting looking Heron/Egret with the yellow pads:)