Sunday, May 6, 2012

1961 ... and I don't mean the year

 It seems there is an endless amount of photos one can capture when in a beautiful place like 
Anna Maria.
Many mornings, we have breakfast out on this pier.
Saturday morning, a couple of dolphins with their
baby were swimming nearby.
No photos though.

 But that's okay.
I have more than enough photos to share with you.
Like 1,961.
That's how many I took while hanging out on the island.

I should join PhotoAddicts Annonymous!
Do you think there is such a thing????

 It's just that it is so easy to take so many shots
when there is so much
 beauty around.

Like this Snowy Egret.

Which I sometimes confuse with the
Great White Egret 
or is it the
Great White Heron?

Apparently they are the same.
The great white egret is part of the heron family.

No matter what family they are part of,
they are beautiful and plentiful here.

As are ...

the Pelicans!

they may not be beautiful to some ...

 but I'm one of their
adoring fans!

But you already knew that.

I must also give tribute to
some of the smaller beach

who delight me with their 
evening feedings on the shore
like the little sandpiper above

or the shy willets

Oh, yes, I could go on ... 
I have 1,961 photos!


But hey, how about that moon last night!
Absolutely gorgeous!
I took this hand held shot Friday night.

 Wish I would have had my tri-pod.
But no matter.
There will be others!

It's nice to be back home and see all the critters in the back yard.
A cooper's hawk has been hanging out
hoping for a meal.
I really wish he would hunt somewhere else!

Until tomorrow, my friends,