Monday, May 28, 2012


When I started my blog, I thought it would help motivate me with my writing.  Help me keep focused, have a schedule.

But then, I bought a camera.

Well, let's just say my writing has taken a serious back seat.

What I didn't anticipate was that a whole other world of places and people would open up to me that I would never have met otherwise. Like these two people whom I got to spend time with this weekend.

Kate of Chronicles of a Country Girl
Daryl of Out and About in NYC

We planned this weekend a while back and it couldn't have turned out better.  Daryl trained into Philly and I picked her up and we drove down to Kate's country.  We got to see her beautiful and peaceful homestead and that wonderful pup of hers, George!

After some tea in the shade of her home, Kate showed us around.  We went into Chesapeake City for lunch at the Bayard House which was delicious.  

We then roamed around this quaint little town .....

 Kate and I taking pictures of each other.  I know, we're weird!

   Black snake sunning himself on the steps of a shop we were about to enter.  
He was not going to move for us!  

This sweet boy welcomed us into another shop.  
I usually find the dogs much more interesting than the store's contents.  
I guess it keeps me from spending too much.  Which pleases The Professor!

We then visited the horse farm that Kate and her family lived on for 10 years.  
It was absolutely stunning!

There were many mares and foals

and yearlings

But I just couldn't get over those long tree-lined roads that seemed to go on for miles on this huge horse farm.  I so want to someday spend an afternoon biking those lanes.
Such beauty!  Lucky Kate to have once lived here.

We headed back up to Philly to have The Professor join us for dinner
and then later .... wine and music on the patio.
: : :
The next morning, still in our jams, we shared our coffee with my
backyard critters. 

We probably would have stayed there for hours had not The Professor 
rounded us up and take us to brunch. 

And he was even a sweetie to hang out with us girls while we continued our
trekking in Chestnut Hills looking for photo ops!

This old doggie was so happy to come greet us from his 
sleeping post outside of a store.
Of course, Kate and I are very jealous that Daryl has knees
that allow her to get down on a dog's level.
Bad knee genes!

It was a great visit with these two!
And just think, had I never started blogging
I would never have met them nor would I have ever
visited Chesapeake City or that beautiful horse farm.

Good food.  Good times.  Good people.
And it is with a huge THANK YOU to our veterans and military personnel
whose sacrifices and courage 
allow us this freedom of life.

Even Rocky is grateful to be able to lounge in peace!

Hope your weekend was relaxing
and filled with sunshine.

Tomorrow, back to critter photos!

Later my friends,