Monday, May 28, 2012


When I started my blog, I thought it would help motivate me with my writing.  Help me keep focused, have a schedule.

But then, I bought a camera.

Well, let's just say my writing has taken a serious back seat.

What I didn't anticipate was that a whole other world of places and people would open up to me that I would never have met otherwise. Like these two people whom I got to spend time with this weekend.

Kate of Chronicles of a Country Girl
Daryl of Out and About in NYC

We planned this weekend a while back and it couldn't have turned out better.  Daryl trained into Philly and I picked her up and we drove down to Kate's country.  We got to see her beautiful and peaceful homestead and that wonderful pup of hers, George!

After some tea in the shade of her home, Kate showed us around.  We went into Chesapeake City for lunch at the Bayard House which was delicious.  

We then roamed around this quaint little town .....

 Kate and I taking pictures of each other.  I know, we're weird!

   Black snake sunning himself on the steps of a shop we were about to enter.  
He was not going to move for us!  

This sweet boy welcomed us into another shop.  
I usually find the dogs much more interesting than the store's contents.  
I guess it keeps me from spending too much.  Which pleases The Professor!

We then visited the horse farm that Kate and her family lived on for 10 years.  
It was absolutely stunning!

There were many mares and foals

and yearlings

But I just couldn't get over those long tree-lined roads that seemed to go on for miles on this huge horse farm.  I so want to someday spend an afternoon biking those lanes.
Such beauty!  Lucky Kate to have once lived here.

We headed back up to Philly to have The Professor join us for dinner
and then later .... wine and music on the patio.
: : :
The next morning, still in our jams, we shared our coffee with my
backyard critters. 

We probably would have stayed there for hours had not The Professor 
rounded us up and take us to brunch. 

And he was even a sweetie to hang out with us girls while we continued our
trekking in Chestnut Hills looking for photo ops!

This old doggie was so happy to come greet us from his 
sleeping post outside of a store.
Of course, Kate and I are very jealous that Daryl has knees
that allow her to get down on a dog's level.
Bad knee genes!

It was a great visit with these two!
And just think, had I never started blogging
I would never have met them nor would I have ever
visited Chesapeake City or that beautiful horse farm.

Good food.  Good times.  Good people.
And it is with a huge THANK YOU to our veterans and military personnel
whose sacrifices and courage 
allow us this freedom of life.

Even Rocky is grateful to be able to lounge in peace!

Hope your weekend was relaxing
and filled with sunshine.

Tomorrow, back to critter photos!

Later my friends,


CherryPie said...

It sounds like you had the perfect time together :-)

I love how I have some wonderful people via blogging that I would not have otherwise met. I have recently had a wonderful meet up with friends I met via my blog.

Loui♥ said...

Just beautiful!!
I have made so many new friends..
through my photography...
which I'd started posting on WU..
(Weather ksmom)..
From comments given as well as received..
I was invited to visit their blogs,,
and then encouraged to begin Blogging myself!
Of course, this led to mutual invites for photo shoots....
Some of my very best friends..
are those I've met in person..
all the worlds of from photos/blogs!
life is indeed beautiful!!
warmest hugs..

Country Girl said...

Love your photos of the weekend, Reena. I am so glad for the people I've met through blogging. And I can't thank you enough for showing me how to use the M mode on the camera. Ha!

Brian Miller said...

haha what fun you the pic of the lane...and the that is some snake too...the squirrel is cute at the end as well...smiles...

Ivanhoe said...

Oh Reena, that sounds like so much fun! I do not have anybody close by. But I'm starting classes in local photo society, hoping I will meet new people there :)

Lois Evensen said...

What a fun weekend! Love that picture of Rocky at the end, too. The dog is incredibly pretty.

eileeninmd said...

Hi Reena, what a lovely time with your blogger friends. I love all dogs and the horses. One of my favorite shots was the one with the three of you pointing your cameras at the bird feeder. Very funny. Great post and I enjoyed your photos. Have a great week!

Sylvia K said...

What a great weekend, Reena!! I've had a number of blogger friends visit me here in Seattle and it's always been so much fun!! Love the shot of Rocky!! Blogging has certainly brought some wonderful people and fun into my life!! Who would have thought it could be this much fun as I sneak up on 80!!!


Hilary said...

looks like a blast. Lovely photos, lovely ladies.

Barbara said...

What a fun time! Thank you for sharing your time together with us! My blog started out for my writing, too - and then I got a camera... Glad I'm not the only one so easily distracted!

Eat To Live said...

How much fun!! Good friends, good food and all that beauty.

The snake sure would of made me do a little dance trying to run out of his way.

Unknown said...

What a fantastic trip.
You did a great job of posting it. I thank you for sharing it. WOW!

Kathy said...

And they are very lucky to have met you!

Florida Farm Girl said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!! I'm so glad.

Ginny Hartzler said...

What fun, so glad you had such a wonderful time together!!! And the pictures really show it all, I am glad you have chosen to focus more on the pictures than the writing. My favorite here is the wonderful tree lined road!

Unknown said...

What beautiful country, beautiful country lane. And the Bayard House, well your friend took you to a good place. I know it well, as it is only about 15-20 minutes south of me. Cool to see images on your blog that I am so familiar with. And I totally get what you were saying, I too started blogging for a writing outlet, and then the darn camera got in the way. It's fun though.

Anonymous said...

What a fun day - isn't blogging wonderful?

Evelyn S. said...

What a fabulous time! I'm so glad that you had wonderful weather, too!

Bob Bushell said...

Friends, there is nothing like it.

Betty Manousos said...

oh reena, we are so lucky that you bought a camera!
looks like a memorable trip!and lot of fun!

i totally enjoyed your beautiful photos!

have a great week ahead!

Dianne said...

I love that all 3 of you posted the photo of all 3 of you :)
Alex is a good photog

wonderful photos of the horses, I especially love the yearlings all line up at the fence

Daryl has perfected her knees by asking dogs to pose for her Waiting posts
plus she's so damn thin!
makes me want to smack her, don't tell her that part

anyway, now I feel like I know you
and like you :)

Daryl said...

love this post ... I should explain that my butt while flat does not have circles, that's my lens cap ... and you did a great job of fixing those deep late afternoon shadows .. I love the looks on the dog's and my face .. I wonder what we were reacting to ... thank you again for a fabulous albeit brief get-away ... I am so glad you decided to put photos ahead of writing!!!!!!

rainfield61 said...

It is always so good to find someone to share with some wonderful time.

The black snake would like to join too.

But somehow you have neglected this.

She Who Carries Camera said...

You're so lucky you found blog peeps so close to where you live. Looks like you guys had a ball!

S. Etole said...

What a great time it sounds like you had. The squirrel made me laugh.

bon bon said...

hahaha! dog people are suckers for a fuzzy face! present company included. the shot of the 3 of you with cameras pointed is just too comical!

Pat Tillett said...

Great post of what looks like a great day. My blog was totally a writing blog when I started it. I had another blog that was totally a photography blog. It got too crazy and I combined them. Now I basically have a photo blog with tons of written posts hanging around in draft form.
I LOVE that tree lined drive, or road, or whatever it was.

islandwonder said...

That farm is my idea of paradise.

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

Time with friends is so precious and to think it was even more special because they were blog buddies. I can see the connection you's joy in sharing each other.

Ed Pilolla said...

sounds like a great visit. rocky and that snake have the same good idea about how to spend the day!:)

My Mind's Eye said...

What a truly special weekend!! Good friends, good times, good food. Perfect.

I met my 2nd blogging friend last Wednesday for lunch. Imagine our surprise back in Feb when we realized we lived just 30 minutes from each other. Blogville is truly a special place.
Hugs Madi and Mom

mick said...

Thanks for sharing your great day out with all of your blog readers. It sounds like you had a most enjoyable day.

EG CameraGirl said...

How wonderful that you enjoyed your time together! It's great to spend time with friends who enjoy photography.

Suldog said...

Those are some great photos. You ladies are all quite lovely, of course. I adore the squirrel pic. And I want very much to just sit under one of those trees on that long road, listen to the birds and other small wildlife, feel the breeze and the sun, and... well, "and" isn't necessary, as that would be more than enough.

Jennifer Richardson said...

you and your camera
are living a wonderful story:)

Sallie ( said...

How amazing to get to meet two blogger friends! And what a great photo op it was.

Birdman said...

Sheesh! I'm beat just hearing about your adventures!

Pat said...

Wonderful post!

Gail Dixon said...

Great pics!! Love the grove of trees and so many more, but that one stands out to me right now. Looks like a grand time was had by all! What a treat. Thanks for sharing. :)

mrs mediocrity said...

what a lovely weekend! i have bad knee genes, too... sigh.

and okay, that snake can't be good for business, right?

lovely photos!

Unknown said...

It looks like you had a great time.. I have met up with a couple of blog friends.. It is the best.. Your photos are wonderful..


Stewart M said...

Great set of pictures - I have yet to meet a fellow blogger in the flesh!

I really like the shot of the trees on either side of the road/ drive.

Cheers - Stewart M

Kerri Farley said...

What a special time for you ladies!!!
Great post!

Catherine said...

Isn't it amazing how photography can take over your life? And you always have such lovely photos Reena. I like your bleeding heart photo below too. And of course, all your cute little critters always bring a smile to my face. Adorable!
Have a happy week!
xo Catherine

Hilary said...

Aww.. I love it when people I "know" get together. Fun post.

Connie in Hartwood said...

What a fantastic time you had!! I love Kate's blog, haven't read Daryl's yet. I totally agree that blogging has brought some wonderful people into my life. Internet friends who become in-person friends ... and I am richer for their friendships.

Thank you for bringing us along with you.

Liz said...

All beautiful images but my favourites are the farm!!! What a divine place to visit. I'd love to be surrounded by scenery like that!!