Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Humming along

 Over the past week, 
the hummingbirds were only showing up once or twice a day.

 And most times it was just the little girl.
But ...

 yesterday and today
the boy has been showing up.
Maybe they are a couple!

Whatever ... 
I'm just glad they are coming around a lot more.
So far today, they've been feeding like every 15 minutes!

It's been sort of a bird frenzy in the back yard today.
Cardinals, Blue Jays, Starlings, Doves, Finches, Chicadees, Sparrows, Woodpeckers ...
all battling over the feeders.
Such a frenzy.

But back to the hummingbirds.

I bought this feeder over the weekend thinking it rather attractive and thought my hummingbirds would think so too.


So far, they have not even stopped to check it out
even being near the other 2 feeders.

And yet, 
the ants sure have been checking it out.
 ~ ~ ~

Hope your week is going well.
I've got to redirect a bunch of black ants!
Later, my friends,

 ~sharing with~