Thursday, August 9, 2012

There is a beauty ...

"There is a beauty,
odd and distant at times, to this place
that is not lost in the darkness.
You yearn for these mountains,
ache to touch the skyline.
And sounding the wind's siren call
into your soul with each breath,
you are drawn to search
for its pulse,
full certain you will never hold it for long ..."
Author Unknown

We have been home for a couple of days and I've been sorting through my overwhelming supply of photos from our trip to Alaska.  Even in our original planning, we were overwhelmed with the choices of what to see.  But since we only had four days and wanted everything within driving distance from Anchorage, we settled upon the Kenai Peninsula which sets south of Anchorage.

And what a good choice that was!  The area was rich with glaciers, whales, hiking, little fishing towns, bears, moose, serious salmon fishing and high mountains.  I provided a map to give you a bit of an idea of the area we were in.  Our first night destination was Homer which sits on the south end of the peninsula and then two nights in Seward on the east side.  But more on those locations later.

As soon as we flew into Anchorage, we hit the road and drove down Highway 1, which some claim to be one of the world's great drives.  It is filled with wetlands, meadows and tundras as far as the eye can see.  Here is a very small sampling of our afternoon drive.

All kinds of transportation is used to get around this expansive state.
Trains, planes, boats, bikes, and automobiles.
With small seaplanes, you can get almost anywhere.


But for us, driving was the best choice.  We took in all this beauty and hopefully, here and there, catch a few critters along the way.  Bears are quite common along the roadway but unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, we never came upon any.

Bald eagles were everywhere but do you think I could ever capture a good photo.  Sheesh!

 Hope you enjoyed this drive with me.  
I have several more posts to share.  
I have over 2,000+ photos! 


But I'll spare you Alaska overload. 
 It's just that is is a photographer's paradise!

Later my friends,