Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Best to always be alert

I'm always surprised when I see the Red-bellied Woodpecker eat from my patio wall.  They typically like one of the feeders when I have a mix of seed and nuts.

This little girl enjoys the corn I put out if she happens to get there before the squirrels discover it.

She flies in and picks up a kernel and flies off to some nearby tree only to repeat this process a dozen or so times.  Or until the squirrels arrive.  Which usually is quite soon.

I worry a bit about her doing this.  If you recall, I rescued one of the woodpeckers a week or so ago from my visitor hawks.  I'm not sure if it was her or her partner.  I haven't seen the male lately.

But this boy has been making regular visits.  It was a Cooper's Hawk that attacked the woodpecker and who has been my main visitor but this guy has been coming frequently as well.  I think he is a Broad-winged hawk.  You agree?

Definitely looks different than the Cooper's Hawk that has been hanging around.  He comes and sits in the tree surveying my back yard.

Sometimes he drops down into the yard and pulls out a HUGE worm.  How does he know they are there??  If it's by eyesight, it's pretty darn remarkable!

The chickadees don't seem to be frightened of him.  They continue to feed.  The squirrels take shelter as do some of the larger birds, who keep their distance.

Until he flies off ... and the feeding continues at the feeders.

This little dove would be wise not to be sleeping when he comes around again.  I've lost a few doves to the hawks.  Although lately, it seems the hawks haven't kept their population down.  I counted 12 one afternoon feeding beneath my feeders!  An even dozen!


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Have a great week, my friends!