Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chillin' in Utah

As you know, I'm really a beach girl at heart, but once or twice a year, The Professor needs a ski fix, so off we go to the chilly mountains of Utah. 

 The Professor has an annual conference at Utah each year with fellow colleagues. 
After the meetings are done, they all head out to get some skiing in either at Snowbird, Alta, Park City or Deer Valley.  There are so many mountain ski resorts surrounding Salt Lake City, 
it's hard to pick a favorite.

Probably my favorite is Park City.  I'm not a great skier but do enjoy the beauty of gliding down the mountainside at my leisure.  I especially like finishing the day with a cold beer 
to celebrate that no injuries have occurred!
Being 60, one is appreciate of such things. 
Unfortunately, this year, no skiing for me 
as my knee continues to heal from recent surgery.

But The Professor is enjoying skiing with our son who took the above photo today 
as they head down one most difficult black diamond course, 
Nina's Curve!

 And this year for me, I'll enjoy the view from our warm lodge 
and still have that cold beer at the end each day . . .  
to celebrate OTHERS who have not
incurred any injuries!

By the way, it's COLD up here!