Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mountains of concrete

We have returned from Utah and all is well.  The Professor enjoyed his meetings and skied well and I gained a few pounds while sitting around while my knee continued to heal.  Ugh!

For several days we had beautiful weather during our stay in Snowbird.  But then a heavy snowstorm was predicted and not wanting to be stranded since we didn't have a four-wheel drive, we decided to leave ahead of it. Unfortunately, we didn't leave EARLY enough and found ourselves inching down the mountainside in low visibility traveling barely two miles an hour.  It was quite intense as we passed a number of cars that had slid off the road.  

What was amazing to me was the number of cars that were coming UP the mountain!  I guess there is nothing like fresh powder for those who love to ski.

Me, though ... I'll take sugar-white beaches of sand versus snow.  Too cold in those mountains! Although I do love Utah's beauty and wide open spaces.  The mountains are breathtaking.

Unlike my view today in downtown Philly.

I guess one could call these buildings or better yet,
these 'concrete mountains",
as breathtaking.

And in a way, they are breathtaking.

But whenever I feel enclosed,
I find myself looking skyward.

It makes me feel more free.

My preference always is and always will be wide open spaces
filled with critters and birds, beaches and shorelines.

And that's why while in the city today between my appointments, 
I found this delightful window view where I could write this post.

Even in a city filled with concrete,
beauty and space can be found.
We only have to look up!