Monday, April 1, 2013

Bring it on

There are signs that Spring is attempting to make an appearance.  But don't be fooled by the image above.  There are no blooms or blossoms in my neck of the woods ... yet.  I was looking at photos from a year ago, same time, and we were in full bloom.  I guestimate that we must be about 2 weeks behind last year's blooms.  Come on SPRING!

But then, Mother Nature moves at her own speed.   Time keeps marching forward.  

~ ~ ~ ~

There's nothing like nature to remind me of the frailty and beauty of the world, even in my own back yard.  Prior to my Big camera, I took little heed to all the activity right under my nose.  It's like a regular soap opera out there!!

Take Mrs. Cardinal, for example, who lost her tail last month due to fright molt, probably barely escaping with her life from some predator.  But it has grown back as if nothing ever happened.

Or the loss of Mrs. Red-bellied Woodpecker's mate who was attacked by a hawk right outside my office window.  She still comes to feed and someday, I hope she'll bring another mate along.

And then there are the little chipmunks.  Last summer, there must have been a half a dozen of them running around but so far this spring, I've only seen one.  Several days ago, for two days straight, she was chirping all day long.  Upon googling why she was doing that, I discovered that she was calling for a mate.

Perhaps that was due to us finding a dead chipmunk in our basement two weeks ago!  How and why he was in our basement is beyond me and why he laid dead in the middle of the floor is a mystery.  Poor little fella!

But she continues on ... if not a bit cautiously.  
And she should.  
The hawk swoops by daily.

I'm also wondering if she found a mate.  Her chirping has stopped!
~ smile ~

The squirrels have been extremely active.  
But what's new?? 

This little girl has been hard at work building a nest.
Beginning of another new cycle of life.

Spring washes over THEM and US 
with the desire and need to march forward.
To begin anew.

Whether it be a new tail, a new mate, a new love, a new start,
Mother Nature pushes us onward.

As it should be.
Even when we are so exhausted from the thrill of it all.

 So  ...

I'm ready and waiting Spring.  
Bring it on!