Monday, August 26, 2013

I have returned!

Hi Peeps!

I'm finally back from my summer break and I do have a lot to share.  As you know, we spent our summer in Maine.  (Have I told you how much I love Maine?)   Well, I do love it.  It feels like coming home.  I think I was always meant to be a Mainer.

My summer was filled with so much activity that it will take more than this blog to cover all that was accomplished.  Let me just summarize briefly ...
~landscaping project that involved big boulders ~
~kitchen renovation~
~repair of 2 water line leaks~
~interior painting~
~photography class~
~searching and purchasing boat~
~finding and negotiating a mooring for such boat~
~entertaining family visitors~
~meeting new friends, new friends, new friends~

Highlights of my summer ... well, I'll just cover that in the next several blogs.  For now, I'll let my view through my lens serve as a preview.

One of the best highlights was taking a week photography class at a Maine Media workshop in Rockport.  More on that later but here are my classmates.  We had a blast and learned a lot!

Probably by the time you are reading this, we are off on our next adventure.  An Around-the-World trip with stops in New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Singapore and Amsterdam.  The Professor is taking a sabbatical (research) and I, humble assistant, will be his muse.  Yeh, right!

Bags are packed (carry-ons, even with all my camera gear), check lists completed, house sitters coordinated and itinerary complete.  Hope to see you here.  You can also "Like" me at Missing Moments Facebook Page and keep up on all my posts as well.

Bon Voyage!  Wish us safe travels!