Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sydney delights

Our travels after the Great Barrier Reef included a stop in Sydney.  We only spent two days in Sydney, but we made the most of our time while there.  We hopped on one of those Hop On, Hop Off buses because it provides a great overview of a city in a quick way as well as getting your bearings.  The city was clean and beautiful with lots of open spaces and parks.

The image above was beautiful at dusk as well as night.  The Professor had smartly chosen a hotel that would satisfy this girl's photography obsession, capturing two of Sydney's well-known landmarks ... The Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

 It was impossible for us to cover all the incredible sights Sydney had to offer.  Our second day, we took a ferry ride from the large ferry terminal to a neighboring community, Manly, which gave us a lovely view of Sydney from the water.  From there we got a closer view of the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

And 'no', we did not do the Sydney BridgeClimb!

 For those brave of heart folks, you can do the 3+ hour trek to the top of the bridge!  Day or night!  I imagine it has gorgeous views but this girl would have been frozen in place with the very first step!

Can you see the folks walking up in the image below??  
I was just fine with my view from our ferry or hotel room!

After our two days in Sydney, we headed south and stayed in Coogee Beach for several days.  Coogee is a beachside suburb of Sydney and a popular destination as are many of the beachside communities of Sydney.  One doesn't have to go far outside of Sydney to find a beach.

So while The Professor had to do his professorial work, I enjoyed this beautiful seaside.  The coastline was mostly cliffs with wonderful walking paths that stretched for miles both ways.  There were also some spectacular open rock pools where kids could play safely as well as space for adult swim without being in the turbulent surf.

But I don't need to go on.  I think the images tell the story better than I can.  Enjoy!

Next stop, Perth!