Friday, May 16, 2014

So long, sweet freedom

As you know, The Professor and I have been quite the traveling duo.  But I think those travels have come to an end.

At least for a while.

Reason No. 1
A Fox Terrier-Blue Heeler (Australian Sheep Dog)

Reason No. 2
A Dorky (Dachshund-Yorky) But we don't use the word Dorky.  
Don't want to hurt his feelings.

OMG!  What were we thinking!  Two puppies at once!  I suppose it was my genius idea to have a second one to keep the first one company.  Once we saw their little faces, we couldn't walk away.  That was this past Saturday when my house was clean, orderly, and quiet.  And  I was as free as a bird with my time.

But my wings have been clipped.
Now, my house is dirty, chaotic ...  puppy toys scattered and gates galore.
And I am a servant to their needs!

I have never raised a puppy.  Always been a kitty person.  But since Kitty Kramer's passing last year about this time and The Professor's Beagle, Travis McGee, the year before, we felt a loss with no pet in the home.  But then again, we weren't home all that much!

Oh my, how our lives have suddenly changed.

It's like having babies all over again.  My days are now filled with a pee/poop/, treat, walk, play, nap.  All to be repeated .... starting at 6:00 a.m. and finally ending at midnight.

I'm a sleepy-eyed, puppy smelling, mush for brains dog mommy of twins.
Learning how to be a pack leader.

I hope I succeed.

Cause it will be so worth it in a year or so.

~ ~ ~

P.S.  Still trying out names to match their robust personalities.