Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So easily seduced ...

I must confess.

I’m in love. 


Head over heals in love.

It happened almost instantly. 

With only a touch and I was swept away. 

Still amazed how my skeptical self gave in so easily.  I have quickly scorned others who have made similar promises.

Not one to be seduced with vows of performance, I succumbed to the smooth silky black beauty.

I don’t care to learn the secrets and intricacies of how such performance was mastered and presented to me.  The trials and errors to construct such perfection? I do no care to unlock that mystery.

Because it is the mystery that keeps its hold on me.

I am the servant to my new master

Free to explore, to play

To ponder

why it has taken so long

to place such a fine






P.S.  If you are searching for that perfect gift, give your loved one an Android smartphone. 

Caution:  Please be aware of its seductive powers and charms. You may find yourself taking a backseat to your loved one’s attention or affection.

Should that occur, drastic action must be taken.  Place the phone in water for 30 seconds, remove, wipe dry and be prepared for violence. 

You've been warned,
Missing the Mom Gene