Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not Feelin' the Love

You know, Lady Mom, I haven’t been feelin’ the love coming my way lately.

I wait and wait in the bedroom each night, but you remain in your office working on some blog thing.  *Urmph*

I don’t really ask for much.  Food in my bowl morning and night.  Clean litter box.  Peace and quiet.  Vacuum cleaners hidden away.  (By the way, whoever thought it a good idea to put the vacuum cleaner in with my litter box, not good, Dude.  It really stressed me out.  So sorry for that accident and know it won't happen again as long as you keep that thing away from me!)

Lately I have to place myself in the shower just to get your attention.  Also, please tell The Professor to give me a bit more notice to get out before he turns it on.  Jeez ... you KNOW I can't move that fast with my arthritis. 

You haven't even noticed how I sit in the hallway each evening, wondering when you will come to bed.  Kitty-willing you to come to bed.

I’m just a kitty lookin’ for love

from you ....

missing the mom gene's kitty