Friday, March 4, 2011

It's A Good Day When It's Time for a Brewsky

After 12 hours of traveling, we finally reached Whistler (via Denver, Vancouver).   The drive up from Vancouver to Whistler was pleasant and scenic.  Apparently Vancouver is the largest shipping port in North America. Didn't know that. Lots of water and lots of sailboats.

My kind of place.

Skiing today was a bit cloudy but the weather was fine. Apparently Whistler just had a snowstorm with high winds and shut down the mountain and gondolas just before our arrival.  But all were running today.

The Professor is still skiing and I'm waiting to enjoy that brewsky that makes it the best part of the day (at least for me, cause I'm done and I didn't break anything!!!)

Hoping for a little sunshine for you this weekend,

Have a great one,
missing the mom gene