Monday, March 21, 2011

A new relationship

I am a bit unpopular in our house lately.

The Professor and Kitty Kitty are threatening that if I don’t stop this clicking madness, they will be forced to remove me from the home.

You see, my new camera *MY NEW CAMERA!!!!!!* arrived last week.  A Nikon D7000!  And I’m in love.  Head over heals!  Clicking away like a courting cicada and capturing my loves in my view finder.

But ... I am not sure that my Nikon is in love with me yet.  We are not communicating well, but like any long term relationship, it takes a while to get to know each other.

Since I was having some trouble understanding what language Nikon was speaking, I picked up some interpretive books to help me better talk in Nikon language.  I think it is warming up to me a bit now.

So I’m trying not to rush or demand anything too soon.

Some progress is being made and I was able to talk Nikon into giving me this shot

And several  hundred more like it.

And shots like this

And even dozens of The Professor while he was sleeping, which I deleted. 

For the sake of the marriage and all.

You can understand why The Professor and Kitty Kitty have had enough of me.  They are SO avoiding me.  Not feeling the love.

So as Nikon and I continued our relationship over the last several days, other problems began developing.

My Macbook Pro became grumpy yesterday.  She became very grumpy.

It might have something to do with the 16,000 pics stored in her belly from my little Canon PS.  Today, she is complaining of some terrible indigestion and before I can really dive into a deeper relationship with Nikon, I must solve my bloated cranky MacBook.

And it is really tough to focus when right outside my window, the birds are singing away, hanging from feeders, taunting me.  It is everything I can do not to pick up Nikon and continue OUR relationship. 


But today must be spent with my MacBook and slimming her down.  She’s been my best friend and our relationship has been extraordinary, as long as I feed her the necessary updates so she doesn’t get that bloated feeling.

Wish me luck.  It’s going to be a long day. 


At least The Professor and Kitty Kitty will be happy and can rest in peace.

For a while, anyway!


Thanks for stopping by,
missing the mom gene