Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A backyard troublemaker ....

Rocky Squirrel:  I'm so tired of eating bird left overs!  All you birds do is toss down the stuff ya don't want.

Pigeon Pearl:  Well, the nerve.  Did you hear him, Pauly?
Pigeon Pauly:  I heard 'em Pearl ... hey Squirrel .. what makes you feel so superior?  If it's good enough for us to eat the throw offs, it's good enough for you.

Downy Woodpecker WandaOh, oh, oh, no fight, no fight ..... why can't we just all get along?

Pope Cardinal:  Squirrel!  Did you hear that ... you are upsetting everyone!  Now take your place and join us down here. 

Rocky Squirrel:  No way ... I'm going up for the good stuff!

Young Robin Rita:  Oh, I don't think the house lady is going to like this!

Rocky Squirrel:  Who cares!  It's her own fault anyway ...  if she would just leave us some corn or peanuts out, this wouldn't be happening!

Rocky Squirrel:  Glad I did my stretches this morning.

Ricky Squirrel:  Yo, Rocky ... look over here ....

Ricky Squirrel:  Why don't you come over and join me ... this is so much easier, man ... I'm tellin' ya!

Rocky Squirrel:  No!  I want the food in here, darn it! 

Rocky Squirrel:  Why can't I get in!  Maybe if I chew on the wire a little bit ...

 Rocky Squirrel:  Ouch!  What is this stuff made of .... I 'bout broke a tooth!

Rocky Squirrel:  Okay ... I'm going over to the other one ....
Ground Crew:  Whoa.... Squirrel .... cover it up!

Rocky Squirrel:  Yeh, yeh, yeh .... well, now you know why they call me ROCKY.

Young Cowbird Carla:  Papa, what's he doing now???
Cowbird Carl:  Oh for goodness sakes, Squirrel ... give it up!

Rocky Squirrel:  What's with this flip floppy thing ....

Rocky Squirrel:  Oh for pete's sake ....

Randy Squirrel:  I told ya, bro .... stick with me ....

Carmen Chipmunk:  ~giggle~ ~giggle~ ~giggle~  Yeh, there's lots of good stuff here!

Fannie Finch: Hahahahahahahahah, it's food for birds, you fool squirrel!

Randy Squirrel:  Come on, bro ... we don't need this abuse ... let's go over to the other house lady's place ... I've buried some good stuff over there. Some real good stuff!
Rocky Squirrel:  Yah!  Do you all hear that!  Good stuff and we're not SHARING!

Theo Thumper:  Uh...uh ...uh .... what ya got fellas?

Mrs. Pope Cardinal:  Theo, I think it best you stay here ... those boys are nothin' but trouble.  So says the Pope, and he is all knowing!

~ ~ ~ 

(Me:  Although they think they have HIDDEN food at the other house lady's place, FOOD that I had given them ... well, I have the goods on them.  Another story for another day!)