Monday, June 20, 2011


Sometimes it's fun to daydream of life in another place and time.   
Not that I'm not happy with my life the way it is ... but sometimes daydreamin' is fun!
Here goes.
By the way, all the pics are from my recent travel in Portugal in the Douro Valley.

 I'll be watching for you as you come by train

waiting here in the coolness of the one room station

We'll stroll down the town's small main street

 And you'll chuckle at the thought of me in this small village
far removed from my once
comfortable life

We'll grab my car, the one you said was not my style

And begin our short journey to my home

 You will be surprised at its modesty

You always figured me for a girl in something like this,
but you had me figured wrong

I'll make us some coffee and we'll walk among my 
young vineyard

And I will tell you of my dreams of how my young grapes
will someday turn into a strong vineyard

and folks will come from around the world
to taste my fine port wine

and from this fine business that I have created

I will expand my small home
so family and friends will come and visit 

like you

And we'll stroll among the olive trees or
 cruise in my boat

But that is all to come
and the day will be drawing late, my friend,
so we will sit and have dinner
 talk and laugh
and sit in wonder 
of the 
beauty that surrounds us

In the morning, I will drive you back to the train station

and bid you goodbye
until the next time

Wasn't that fun!

What's your daydream?

PS.  No Portuguese grapes were injured in this daydream.