Friday, June 24, 2011

Is it a shore or beach?

Doesn't this look like a place you'd love to be? 

At the shore.

Not the BEACH but the SHORE!

When we moved to Philly six years ago, it took me a while to get the terminology right.  I was always calling it the 'beach'.  What did I know!  I'm a midwest girl.  I spent the first 30 years of my life in Iowa.  The best we had there were lakes with muddy banks.

It is such a strange phenomenon in the summer.  Philly becomes deserted.  Well, not totally.  You still have to pay for street parking.  But it is easier to find.  Other things  ... you don't need restaurant reservations on the weekend, usually there are no traffic problems and no weekend crowds at the mall.  But then, I wouldn't know that.  I rarely go to the mall.  I'm more a Target and Lowe's type of girl. 

But this weekend, The Professor and I are also heading out of town ... but not to the beach.


Oooops!  See!  There I did it again.  I meant the SHORE!

Anyway, we're going into the city, the Big Apple, to have dinner with some old friends and stay over with hopes of biking in Central Park.  There's threat of rain ... keep your finger's crossed it stays away for at least part of Saturday!

Then again, if we were at the SHORE, who cares if it rains?  It's the BEACH!

Hope you have a good weekend, friends.  I have enjoyed meeting so many of you this past week!

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