Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Even birds do it ....

A few days ago, I was roused out of my computer stupor 
by a consistent chirping outside my office window.  
As I looked out, I discovered this fledgling making all the racket.

But it wasn't his constant chirping that gave me pause, but rather who was feeding him!

A Tree Sparrow!

The fledgling definitely was not a tree sparrow.
I may be new at bird watching, but this little one was definitely not a sparrow.

For one, his legs were dark, the male sparrow feeding him were skin toned.

And then there was his size.  TWICE as big as the sparrow.
And feather color ... I don't think it was happening either.

Something went awry in that nest!

The father sparrow was feeding him seed from the ground, 
which, in my opinion, the youngin' could have done that for himself!
Oy!  Kids!

When the father sparrow flew away, he would nap.  
I guess loud chirping and eating can be exhausting!

After a few minutes, I could tell when the father sparrow was close again.
His chirp engine started up.

Feed me,  feed me!

I just fed you!  You know, you can pick up the seed yourself.

But, oh, papa, that's so h.a.r.d.

At one point when the young one was alone, 
a young cardinal fledgling showed up and started checking him out.

The father sparrow quickly returned.

As well as the mother sparrow.
Rather protective pair.
Helicopter parenting, even in the aviary world.

I imagined this cardinal saying, 

There's something odd about those parents of yours.

But no matter.
A few days later, he was around again chirping away.  
He looked a bit older and stronger.

But still chirping chirping chirping.

And soon, what to my wondering eyes should appear?
  Daddy-o Sparrow!

I think he's beginning to wonder where Mrs. Sparrow spent that night 33 days ago.

Bird Wife ....  do you have something to tell me?

: : :

Can my bird friends explain how and why these sparrows are caring for this little guy.  I'm thinking the little one is looking like a female finch.