Friday, July 1, 2011

Fireworks and then some

I thought I would leave you with some fireworks for the weekend!

The country club, across the road from us (the one that we don't belong to ... oh, that's right ... we don't belong to ANY country club!), has a big hu-ha every July 4th for their members.  They put signs up in front of all our properties  ~no parking~  because a gazillion members show up and park miles away for the big shindig.  Everyone's all dressed to the "t" cause it's a "private" club ... PRIVATE .. like in you need a zillionbillion dollars to belong.

But we didn't need a zillionbillion dollars last night to enjoy their celebration.  We simply walked across the street and enjoyed a pretty impressive show. 

        Of course, I think the most impressive show is always a 

and breathe in the joy
of life
this weekend

 So says Theo Thumper!

later, my friends