Friday, October 21, 2011

Somewhere in Europe, I guess ...

Fall keeps marching forward in spite of my pleas that it would be okay to slow up a bit and let me take in its brief beauty.  But Mother Nature has her own agenda and I guess I should just be thankful that I get to be a participant.  So I'll quit my whining and enjoy the view.

With a good forecast for the weekend, I hope to do just that.  I was browsing through my gazillion photos looking for some fall pictures but alas, I have none!  How could that be?  Amazing!  But I hope to remedy that this weekend.

What I did come across was the photo below.  Something about it felt like fall although the date proved to be taken in the summer of '07 with my little point-and-shoot.  All before my DSLR and all before setting up a good filing system for my photos (which still needs work!).  I think this was along the Amstel River in Amsterdam or Belgium or Italy.

Ugh!  See what I mean!  I had pulled the photo out and put it in a folder of its own ~who knows when~ without labeling it.  Folder name "Untitled"!  Now who does that??  

Oh well ... I still like the photo and messed around editing it.  It feels peaceful and serene.  And that is a good thing!

I just couldn't decide which one I liked better. 
 How about you?
Which path would you rather walk?

: : :

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!


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