Monday, October 24, 2011

Plumpity plump ...

Pope Cardinal:  Hey House Lady, have you taken a look at some of my feathered friends lately?  I think they're overeating.  They're looking a bit plump, if you ask me.

Jack Sparrow:  Hey, who you calling plump?

Fabio Finch:  Yeh, anyway ... and who asked you?

Harry Woodpecker:  You need to mind your own business, Cardinal.

Fred Finch:  Besides, not all of us have your genes, Cardinal!  So keep your trap shut!

Johnny Sparrow:  Yeh, shutup Cardinal or the House Lady will stop filling the feeders regularly!

Tommy Titmouse:  You wouldn't do that would you House Lady?

 Me:  Well, all of you are looking a bit plump.  But maybe that's cause winter is coming and you need a bit of fat on those little bones.

Pope Cardinal:  I'm telling you, House Lady ... all they do all day long is sit on those feeders and munch away.  NO exercise, no bug hunting, just eatin' nuts and seeds.   Just sayin' .....

Me:  I'll take it under advisement, Cardinal.  Now, if you will excuse me, I think I'll just put this ice cream back.  No need for all of us to plump up through the winter!

: : :

Hope your week gets off to a plumping good start, my friends.

Until tomorrow,

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