Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tones of fall

 I had forgotten how pretty these mid-November days could be
with its hues and tones of fall.

Many of the trees have lost their leaves by now
and all my backyard fur and feathered friends
have become easier to 
spot in the bare branches.

As you know, I usually like my photos bright and bold in color
but lately I've been experimenting with
a more muted look.

 Perhaps it reflects a bit of my own mood.

Quiet and subdued.

Storing up all my mojo 
for family next week as they arrive
for Thanksgiving.

So looking forward to it!

Of course, by then, I'll have lots of mojo
stored up

and will be as sharp and alert as a hawk.
A must when there are grandkids involved!
: : :

Now, on another matter.  
I have been waiting for the release of Alice Munro's (my favorite author) 
latest short stories, "Dear Life".  
And it has finally arrived!

If you haven't heard of Munro, she is considered one of the world's greatest living short story writers. Don't expect clear and happy endings from Munro.  Her stories as well as her characters are complex and ambiguous, just as life is.  As someone stated in reviewing her work, "Munro starts from the premise that the human condition is mysterious, actions often inexplicable and motivations frequently left unexamined."

Oh, how I will linger over her stories!  Just the thing I need in my quiet and subdued mood!

Later my friends,