Friday, May 31, 2013

Heading north ...

Summer is upon us, rather quickly I may add, with temps spiking up into the 90's yesterday and today.  But as of tomorrow, that heat will be behind us as The Professor and I head north for the summer.  Our daily views will be looking out at that harbor above.

Gotta love the internet age where work can be done from any location!  The downside for me will be saying goodbye to all my backyard critters for a couple of months.  Our place won't be totally vacant as my daughter and friend will keep things running smoothly and will enjoy having the place to themselves.  (That last comment was for any thieves who might want to scope the place out.  If you do, please start in our basement and take whatever you want!)

 I know I'm going to miss all that activity in the backyard.  
Although up in Maine, there is an osprey nest that will provide me
tons of entertainment throughout the summer as they
raise their young.

My regular visitors need not worry as my daughter will keep all the feeders full.
By the way, did I mention that my female red-bellied woodpecker
found herself a mate.  She lost her mate last year to a hawk.
This guy has been showing up.  He looks young.
I say "You go girl" getting yourself a younger mate!

And the best news of late
 is that two new visitors stopped by.  Ones that I have never seen before!

An Indigo Bunting.
And not just one, but two!

 Aren't they just gorgeous.  
The pics are a bit blurry due to their distance.  
They came by just one day and I haven't seen them since.  
But, oh so sweet to have seen them at least once!

 In addition to them, a Red-Winged Blackbird also made an appearance yesterday!
He was gorgeous as well!

I will miss all that action in my backyard.  
But it will be replaced with a different kind of viewing.
Every morning, lobster boats will leave our harbor 
and come back in the afternoons with their catch.

 Sailboats will come and go.  
And then there will be the hawks and the ospreys and the herons.
And sea glass on the beach.

Oh, how I'm looking forward to my summer in Maine.
And I'll look forward to sharing it with you.
Have a great weekend, my friends!