Monday, October 14, 2013


Although we were only in Wellington for a few days, it seemed we captured a lot of New Zealand's windy capital. We were told we should visit Cuba Street so we hiked there for breakfast one morning.  The area was a bohemian haven with its colorful shops, bars and cafes, transitioning from a once run down neighborhood.  A few images below give you a flavor of the area.  Though note, I tend to like photographing more of the run down buildings than the updated structures.  So I'm probably not fairly representing the area!

The other area we especially enjoyed exploring was
Wellington's lovely waterfront. 

We walked there each evening for dinner, usually
with a view of boats coming in at day's end.

In the daytime, the area was filled with many folks walking, jogging,
skating or cycling among the many cafes, parks and sculptures.
The area was filled with such diverse activities
that one could easily spend a whole day there just people watching!

There were .....

Cafes with unique outdoor seating.

Fishermen repairing their boats.

Kids jumping off bridges into the harbor.

Crews doing their daily practice.

And even little girls daydreaming!

So, goodbye New Zealand.
Next stop ... Australia!
~ ~ ~
For you movie buffs, here's a little trivia about Wellington:
It is home to the studio of Peter Jackson, who filmed
"The Lord of the Rings", "King Kong" and "Avatar".
Thus the nickname "Wellywood".


Out on the prairie said...

What an interesting area to explore

Tabor said...

Rushed through New Zealand one week, but did not spend a lot of time n the cities. Nice photos of a part of the country I did not see.

Sylvia K said...

Wonderful captures and a wonderful visit to New Zealand, Reena! A terrific place to explore indeed and one country that I know very little about, so this was particularly interesting for me! Thanks as always for sharing!!

Brian Miller said...

that outdoor cafe with pillow seats is amazing...i would love to go there...and pretty cool the diversity of people and even buildings that you is the personality of a place...

Daryl said...

i too would prefer to photograph the gritty .. looks as if it was chilly ... but lovely

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. Love the street shots.

Rose L said...

It sounds like you are having a wodnerful time and that is what matters!

Unknown said...

I am enjoying seeing your travels. This looks like a wonderful city. Like you I like to capture the run down as well.

Travel safe and I am looking forward to your next stop..


S. Etole said...

Such a diversity of intriguing sights and colors.

Unknown said...

That was nice seeing a country I have not had the pleasure of seeing before. Loved the harbor but was particularly taken with Cuba St.
Thanks for sharing.

Ross said...

So beautiful looking there. Your shots are fantastic. Have a great time in Australia, and I'll be watching for more great photos!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hello Reena!! I've missed your blog posts way too much lately, and wanted to make a point to stop by today--I'm so glad I've caught up with you. What a lovely collection of photos! You've really caught a special and unique spirit (zen?) in your pictures that I find so relaxing and intriguing at the same time.

I do so hope you're doing well, and continuing to enjoy your travels.

Suldog said...

Heck of a trip you're on. New Zealand is so far away... Like another world, in many ways. Australia next? Wow. Cool.

GailO said...

Run down buildings have so much more character:) Great photos!