Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hope springs eternal

Over the last two days I have been
googling, searching, comparing and finally
 purchasing new photo software to transfer
all my pics from iPhoto.

All 20,000+

It was very painful.


I thought once the decision was made
the transfer would be swift.


There was a lot of waiting and waiting
and hours and hours required to transfer photos
to my new shiny silver 1T external drive
and then a backup
and a cleanup

So with nothing to do but wait and watch the
eternal transfer and backups take place,
I took hundreds of photos from my office window
some like this

and others like this

I was very bored. 
And restless.
And ate bad food
and drank too much soda
and cursed and damned
and then went for a walk
and felt better.

And as the transfer progressed
into the evening
my daughter stopped in to say hi 
and cuddle up with
kitty kitty who was keeping me company

kitty kitty is not one for a lot of smooching

but he does kind of like her a lot
So do I

My saga continued into the next day
so I continued to shoot photos
like these
I won't subject you to my bad photography skills
but I especially liked
these two guys

in their bird feeder standoff

with the little Finch determined
 to feed
seed by seed
while ignoring the Cardinal's
indignant pose
of sharing space

Sort of how I feel
transferring photos

one peck at a time
while my bloated Mac
waits until she no longer
has to share space with 20,000+ photos

And my reward for all of this
is speed and agility
from my aging Mac

Hope springs eternal!

missing the mom gene